Fine dining gastronomy in Prague center

Art gastronomy by Tomas Horak will enchant you with a variety of colors and flavors. Artwork on a plate - so you can describe the gastronomy that our chef de cuisine with his team prepare for you. Indulge yourself with unique food creations and enjoy high gastronomy in the interior of the Art Nouveau stalactite cave with more than a hundred years long history.

L'Atelier Gourmet Menu

  • Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut

  • Amuse-bouche

  • Le Beurre Jean-Yves BORDIER - French butter made of milk produced on Brittany and Normandy farms

    1. Eel in two ways / Smoked whipped cream / Cucumber / Pear-vanilla / Parsley / Saffron / Bauchant Orange jelly
    2. Kumquat / Pineapple / Radish/ Cucumber Icecream / Apple/ Vinaigrette Le Baume de Bouteville – Balsamique Français Artisanal 6 y.o.
    Muscadet, Clos de L´Arzillier, Val de Loire, France
    3. Red prawn Gambero Rosso / Avocado / Mango / Cucumber / Sepia / Sturgeon - Salmon caviar
    Sauvignon Fumées Blanches, Languedoc, France
    4. Beetroot Tarte / Cassis / crème fraiche
    Pálava – selection of grapes, Lechovice Winery, Moravia, Czech Republic
    5. Marinated Salmon / Beetroot/ Lavender / Red cabbage / Violet Cauliflower / Blood Orange/ Cress / Salmon caviar / Sudachi
    Château Minuty Rosé, Côtes-de-Provence, France
    6. Roe deer / Ponzu / Cassis / Truffles / Cranberry/ Mushrooms / Walnut /Shallot
    Pinot Noir – selection of grapes, Velké Pavlovice, Moravíno Valtice
    7. Lemon – Yuzu Tarte / Mango / Tahiti Vanille / Lemon chips Sauternes, Chateau de Rolland, Bordeaux, France

    MENU 4 courses = 1 672,- CZK/ 65 EUR/person
    MENU 7 courses = 2 290,- CZK/ 89 EUR/person
    MENU 4 courses incl. aperitif & wine sommelier selection = 2 444,- CZK/ 95 EUR/person
    MENU 7 courses incl. aperitif & wine sommelier selection = 3 216,- CZK/125 EUR/person

Czech Modern Art menu

Bohemia sekt Prestige Rosé Brut

  1. Prague Ham with Horseradish, Pickled Onion, Gherkin, White Chocolate, Tomato, Oxalis
    Frankovka Rosé, Moravia, Velké Pavlovice Sub-region, H. Mádlová Winery
  2. Oxtail Double Consommé, Bacon Quenelles, Fresh Vegetables
  3. Slowly Roasted Beef Filet Steak, Cream Sauce, Carlsbad Dumpling Soufflé, Cranberries, Whipped cream, Lemon
    Rulandské Modré – Grape Selection, V. Pavlovice Sub-r., Moravíno Valtice
  4. Marinated Breast of Duck with Orange Sauce, Red Wine Cabbage, Potato Dough Peaks
    Neronet – regional wine, vineyards in Prague, Zlatá Praha Salabka
  5. Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice-cream and Whipped Cream
    Pálava – selection of grapes, Moravia, Lechovice Winery

MENU 5 courses = 1 120,- Kč/ 43.50 EUR/person
MENU 5 courses incl. sommelier wine selection = CZK 1,583.00 / EUR 61.50 /person


Candlelight menu

Glass of Bohemia Prestige Rosé Brut
Amouse Bouche

  • Kumquat/Pineapple/Radish/Ponzu – Cucumber ice cream/Vinaigrette Le Baume de Bouteville – Balsamique Français Artisanal 6 y.o.
  • Red Prawns in Sepia Batter/Avocado – Crème Fraîche/Malosol Caviar/Coconut Sauce
  • Double Beef Consommé/Pistachio Quenelles/curry mousse
  • Veal Filet Steak/Sweetbread/Creamy Morel Sauce and Rosemary Sauce/Leek Potato Puree/Asparagus/Pea
  • Tarte au Mascarpone/Pinapple/Opalys Chocolate
  • Coffee or choice of exclusive tea selection

MENU 5 courses incl. welcome drink & coffee or tea 1 500,- CZK/person - 58,30 EUR/person



Glass of Kir Royal

Le Beurre Jean-Yves BORDIER - French butter made of milk produced on Brittany and Normandy farms

  1. Rainbow trout/apple/ Kalahari salt/ cranberry/ horseradish/parsley
  2. Duck breast – koji / beluga lentil / crème fraiche / Cassis / black garlic chips/ cherry tomatoes/ Foie Gras
    Pinot blanc – late harvest, Spielberg winery, subregion Slovácko, CZ
  3. Scallops Saint-Jacques – ponzu / pea puree-lemon/Campari-orange gel/ butter-tomato air foam/ sepia/ herbs
    Chardonnay, Secret de Lunes, Languedoc, France
  4. Slowly roast beef Fillet steak/ truffle puree/ X.O. jus foam/morel sauce/ shallot/ potato cones/black salsify
  5. Crayfish/ Choron – red curry jue/pak choi in black tempura/ Beluga caviar/broccoli/baked potato – espume
    Sauvignon, Fumées Blanches, Languedoc, France
  6. Roe deer saddle/ ponzu/ Cassis/ truffles/ cranberry/ mushrooms/ walnut/ shallot
    Merlot, Salton Desejo winery, Brazil
  7. Tonka beans – chocolate Tarte / Mango/ Tahiti Vanille granité/ silver stones made of white Opalys chocolate
    Sauternes, Chateau de Rolland, Bordeaux, France

Coffee or Tea & Petit Fours

MENU 7 courses = 2 444,- CZK/ 95,- EUR/person

MENU 7 courses inc. aperitif, wine sommelier selection & coffee/tea = 3 473,- CZK/ 135,- EUR/person



BOXING DAY MENU (25 th – 26th December 2019)

Enjoy live piano performance during those evenings.

Glass of Bohemia Prestige Rosé Brut 0,1l

  1. Tartare of smoked trout in apple tree / dill /wine /créme fraiche/ dijon mustard orange gel/ Malosol caviar - sturgeon/ herb croutons / nut bread
  2. Potato soup with mushrooms and truffle foam
  3. Turkey sous-vide breast wrapped in baken Lardo /orange juice/fermented vegetables with tomatoes/celery and leek puree/bacon chips/orange granite
  4. Chocolate Tart of white chocolate with confetted plums/almond gel

Coffee or selection of teas

Menu 4 courses incl. aperitif, coffee/tea = 44,- EUR per person



Welcome refreshments in the hotel reception lobby

  • Beetroot Nibbles
  • Cheesy Nibbles
  • Ham Canapés
  • Chorizzo Canapés
  • Fruit Mini-skewers

NEW YEAR’S EVE MENU (7 courses)

Amouse Bouche - White Truffle Espuma /Boletus Mushroom Granité/Parsley Oil

  1. Smoked Eel Tartar with Kalahari Salt /Milk/Apple/Horseradish/Cranberries/Saffron/ Crème Fraîche
  2. Terrine of Smoked Duck Breast/Beluga Lentils – Vanilla/Cassis Jus/Lardo Cured Pork Fat
  3. Chamois Double Consommé/ Black Salsify /Walnuts/Blackberries/Sour Cherries
  4. St. Jacobs Mussels /Champignons/ Cuttlefish /Parsley/Truffles/Macadamia Nuts/Grand Marnier Jelly/ Imperial Caviar
  5. Slowly Roasted Saddle of Venison/X.O. Jus/Morel Mousse/White Asparagus /Potato Cone
  6. Valrhona Chocolate Tart /Sundried Tomatoes/Oxalis/Raspberries

Petit Four

MIDNIGHT TOAST: Bottle of Bohemia Sekt / 0.20 l

AFTER MIDNIGHT PICK-ME-UP: 7. Veal Goulash /Spätzle/ Sour Cream / Mini Peppers

PRICE: 5 660,- CZK/ 220,- EUR


À la carte menu

Cold starters

Beetroot Tarte, Cassis Liqueur, Herbs, Goat Cheese, Chives [CZK 270,-] Veg
Fresh Champignon Tartar, Goat Cheese, Croutons, Herbs, Black Garlic [CZK 260,-] Veg
Goat Cheese, Walnut Sauce, Truffle Honey, Lime, Grapes, Baked Leek, Aloe Vera Ice-cream [CZK 280,-] Veg
Gin-Kefir Ice-cream, Beluga Caviar, Cucumber, Avocado, Parsley, Radish [CZK 260,-] Gluten-free meal
Smoked Eel Tartar, Sturgeon Caviar, Coarse Grained Mustard, Egg Yolk, Smoked Cream, Cucumber, Pear-Vanilla [CZK 410,-]
Foie Gras Terrine, Sour Cherry Jelly, Cucumber, Walnuts, Lychee Caviar [CZK 260,-]
Prague Ham, Opalys White Chocolate, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Baby Onions, Gherkin, Horseradish [CZK 180,-]


Oxtail Consommé with Liver Dumplings, Home-made Noodles [CZK 140,-]
Carrot-Ginger Soup, Coconut [CZK 140,-] Veg/Gluten-free meal

Hot starters

Gambero Rosso Prawn, Coconut, Cucumber, Avocado, Vanilla, Mango, Sturgeon Caviar, Parsley [CZK 390,-]
Ravioli Stuffed with Vegetables and Veal Sweetbread, Foie Gras Sauce, Parmesan Mousse [CZK 360,-]

Czech national cuisine

Beef Filet Steak in a Carrot and Celery Dust Crust, Carlsbad Dumpling Soufflé, Cream Sauce, Cranberries, Whipped Cream, Lemon [CZK 590,-]
Slowly Roasted Breast of Duck, Orange Sauce, Potato Cones, Red Wine Cabbage, Shallots [CZK 490,-]

Pasta dishes

Linguine, Truffle Cream, Morel Mushroom, Nuts [CZK 450,-] Veg


Marinated Grilled Salmon, Red Cabbage, Beetroot, Blood Orange Sauce, Lavender, Salmon Caviar, Violet Truffle Puree, Coconut Wasabi Chips [CZK 680,-]
Marinated Catfish, Spinach, Nuts, Saffron Sauce, Wine Risotto, Caviar, Crawfish [CZK 560,-]
Sea Bass, Coconut, Leek, Avocado-Vanilla, Broccoli-Yuzu [CZK 690,-]

Steaks and main courses

Slowly Roasted Guinea Fowl Wrapped in Bacon, Pumpkin Puree, Calvados Jus, Potato Puree, Stuffed Morel Mushroom, Peas, Shallots [CZK 740,-]
Veal Filet Steak, Sweetbread, Morel Mushroom Cream Sauce, Leek Potato Puree, Selection of Asparagus, Peas [CZK 780,-]
Filet Steak Roasted in Bio Straw, Coffee Jus, Romanesco, Green Asparagus, Peas [CZK 740,-]
Japanese Wagyu Rib Eye Steak (Umami A4), Rosemary Demi-glace, Parsnip, Pak Choi in Black Tempura, Green Asparagus, Peas, Smoked Pumpkin [CZK 2 200,-]
Doe Deer in Ponzu Sauce - Cassis Liqueur, Blackcurrant Sauce, Shallots, Mushrooms, Cranberries, Black Bacon, Sour Cherries, Cranberry Ice-cream [CZK 780,-] Gluten-free meal


Quinoa, Sesame, Iceberg Lettuce, Radish, Cherry Tomatoes, Calvados Dressing, Herb Croutons [CZK 230,-] Veg/Gluten-free meal
Vital Salad, Rucola salad, Orange, Mint, Honey, Avocado, Lychee, Rucola Dressing [CZK 180,-] Veg/Gluten-free meal

Selection of desserts and cheese

Mascarpone Tarte and Ice-cream, Fruit, Buttermilk, Raspberries [CZK 270,-]
Chocolate Tarte, Tonka Beans, Strawberry, Lavender, Tahiti Vanilla [CZK 290,-]
Apple Strudel - Modern Art [CZK 190,-]
Pistachios, Raspberry, Nut Dessert [CZK 260,-]
Lemon Yuzu Tarte, Vanilla, Opalys Chocolate, Mango [CZK 280,-]
Selection of French Cheese, Shallot Chutney, Lemon Chips, Nuts, Grapes [CZK 340,-]

Wine list

The speciality of our sommeliers is a selection of the best wine for your meal and your taste. The rich wine cellar from all over the world invites you to choose "wine made to measure".

Czech & Morava white wines

Vinary sub-region Znojemská

Pálava - grape selection, vinary Lechovice

Vinary sub-region Mikulovská

Ryzlink rýnský - late harvest, Sonberk, Mikulov
Ryzlink vlašský - late harvest, Mikros vín, Mikulov
Veltlínské zelené - late harvest, barrique, Moravíno
Sauvignon - late harvest, Gala Vinary
Ryzlink vlašský - late harvest, Gala Vinary
Ryzlink rýnský - late harvest, Gotberg
Sylvánské zelené - late harvest, Gotberg
Chardonnay - late harvest, Gotberg
Chardonnay - late harvest, Reisten - Valtice
Pinot blanc - selection, Reisten - Valtice
Ryzlink vlašský - ice wine, Sedlec

Vinary sub-region Velkopavlovická

Ryzlink rýnský - late harvest, Velké Bílovice
Sauvignon - late harvest, barrique, Fr. Mádl, V.Bílovice
Rulandské šedé - straw wine, O. Drápal

Vinary sub-region Slovácká

Ryzlink rýnský - late harvest, M. Robek, Blatnice
Rulandské šedé -late harvest, M. Sůkal
Rulandské bílé - late harvest, Spielberg
Sylvánské zelené - late harvest, Vinařství Čapka

Morava rosé wines

Frankovka Rosé - kabinett wine, Vinary Mádlová,V.Bílovice
Pinot Noir Rosé - Ton Ceur, Salabka Praha

Foreign white wines

Sancerre, Crochet, LOIRE
Riesling Hugel, Vin d´Alsace, ALSACE
Chablis, Mont de Milieu, 1er Cru CHABLIS
Chardonnay, Secret de Lunes LANGUEDOC
Sauvignon, Fumées Blanches LANGUEDOC
Muscadet, Clos de L´Arzillier VAL DE LOIRE
Sauvignon Touraine LOIRE
Pinot Grigio, Colterenzio ALTO ADIGE
Gavi di Gavi, Vila Sparina PIEMONTE
Sauvignon Blanc, Reserva, Ventisquero CHILE
Chardonnay, Reserva, Jacob´s Creek AUSTRALIA
Sauvignon, Sliding Hill NEW ZEALAND

Foreign rosé wine


Czech & Morava red wines

Vinary sub-region Mělnická

Pinot Noir - grape selection, Salabka, Prague
Neronet - grape selection, Salabka, Prague
Vinary sub-region Znojemská
Svatovavřinecké - barrique, N.Šaldorf

Vinary sub-region Mikulovská

Rulandské modré - grape selection, Moravíno, Valtice
Merlot - barrique, Ing. Michlovský, Perná
Rulandské modré - late harvest, Ing. Michlovský
Rulandské modré - berry selection, Gotberg

Vinary sub-region Velkopavlovická

Pinot Noir - grape selection, Springer, Bořetice
Frankovka - late harvest, Springer, Bořetice
Coteaux Peluic - N.E.R., Velké Bílovice
Zweigeltrebe - barique, Velké Bílovice
Cabernet Sauvignon - barique, Ing. Michlovský
Cuvée SKALE (Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot) VinarySpringer, Bořetice

Vinary sub-region Slovácká

Zweigeltrebe - late harvest, Spielberg

Foreign red wines

Sirius, Sichel BORDEAUX
Chateau d´Angludet MARGAUX
Savigny Les Beaune, Cornu BOURGOGNE
Vosne - Romanée, Chezeaux COTE DU NUITS
Ventoux, Delas RHONE
Crozes Hermitage, Delas RHONE
Chateauneuf du Pape "La Bernardine" RHONE
Castel Fossibus, Ollier Taillefer FAUGÉRES
Chianti Classico, Reserva, Bandecca TOSCANA
Chianti Classico, Verrazzano TOSCANA
Primitivo di Manduria PUGLIA
Brunello di Montalcino, Lisini TOSCANA
Cignale, Castello di Querceto TOSCANA
Capitel San Rocco, Tedeschi VERONA
Rawson´s Retreat, Shiraz-Cabernet AUSTRALIA
Shiraz, Hundred Tree Hill, AUSTRALIA
Dehesa La Granja CASTILLA Y LEÓN
Tinto Pesquera, Crianza ESPAŇA
Riscal S.L. - Tempranillo RIOJA
Marqués de Riscal, Reserve RIOJA
Prado Enea RIOJA
Cabernet Sauvignon, R. Mondavi CALIFORNIA
Cabernet Sauvignon, Gran Reserva CHILE
Malbec, Rewen ARGENTINA
Merlot, Salton Desejo BRASIL
Shiraz, Phant SOUTH AFRICA
Inanda, Yonder Hill SOUTH AFRICA
La Motte, Millennium SOUTH AFRICA

Champagne & sekts

Bohemia Sekt
Bohemia Sekt Prestige brut rosé
Belstar Prosecco brut D.O.C.
Freixenet ,,Cordon Negro"
Champagne Billecart - Salmon
Champagne Billecart - Salmon Rosé
Champagne Moët&Chandon
Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
Champagne Dom Pérignon, Moët&Chandon

Vyzrálá portská vína - Aged port wine - Gereifter Portweine

Porto Velha tawny 20 Y.O.
Porto Velha 40 Y.O.

Cognac - Armagnac - Brandy

Bas-Armagnac Delord 25 Ans d´ Age
Courvoisier V.S.
Martell V.S.
Hennessy Fine de Cognac
Martell V.S.O.P.
Courvoisier V.S.O.P.
Remy Martin V.S.O.P.
Martell Noblige
Martell Cordon Bleu
Courvoisier X.O.
Remy Martin X.O. Excellence
Hennessy X.O.
Hennessy Paradise Extra
Louis XIII. De Remy Martin
Delamain X.O.
Delamain 1969
Gran Duque d´Alba Brandy
Metaxa Private Reserve