Culinary courses

Thinking of a gift for your beloved and friends?

Culinary courses led by experienced chef de cuisine Tomas Horak represent a culinary experience full of irresistible and new flavors, relaxed atmosphere and surprising information. Do you want to raise your cooking skills to a higher level?

You are at the right address, we offer the best of the whole Czech Republic. For a couple of hours, you will become cooks and get into the secrets of modern cuisine. Everybody will enjoy cooking lessons, adults and children, beginners and advanced cooks.

Peek with us under the cover of Modern European Cuisine. Learn how to properly process fish and seafood, get to know the quality of the meat, and sweeten your life with desserts. Culinary classes are great as an original gift for your loved ones

Liven up your birthday with an unforgettable experience of the world of modern gastronomy full of surprises.

The course is a great gift for a friend or mum, as well as a professional chef. We will teach you how to prepare as the greatest stars in the gastronomic world.

Number of participants: max. 6 people

The price of the courses:

  • For adults ... 3.590,- CZK
  • For children ... 2.990,- CZK
  • Foodstyling ... 3.800,- CZK
  • Selected courses ... 3.800,- CZK
  • Individual courses ... 3.500,- CZK
  • Drinks are included.

For more information please contact us:
phone: +420-221 081 216
phone: +420- 221 081 220

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